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bored boys' bank caper - hinckley ohio historical society

This bored boys bank caper happened back before internet, 24/7 cable programming, Tik Tok, and caller ID around the mid 1960’s. Idle summer days without school’s discipline nor helicopter parent supervision, two teenaged boys hatched an adventurous plan to rob Hinckley’s Old Phoenix bank, now Coco Café, which shared the building with the Post Office.

The Hinckley boys called the bank with a bomb threat, demanding $5,000 cash placed in brown paper bag and left by a picnic table in Brongers Park.

Prank becomes federal crime

What the two 15 year-olds didn’t know is that, because the bank was attached to the post office, this now had become a federal offense. The money was marked and FBI agents with binoculars perched atop the old Hinckley Elementary School (now Hinckley Preparatory Academy).

The cash was delivered, as instructed. The boys on bicycles retrieved and then split their loot. They got away! One hid his share under his older brother’s mattress, and his  partner-in-crime stashed his take in his sister’s dollhouse.

How they got caught

What got them caught was buying a LOT of candy – $50 worth – with  marked money at the local store (now Binky Commons Building). As punishment, the two juveniles spent 14 days in the Medina County jail.

This story was pieced together from anecdotal evidence shared by Hinckley residents at the time who recall the incident, as well as childhood friends of the boys.


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